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How can I determine what level of armouring do I need?

Armour levels are determined by each individual’s perceived threat and location of the vehicles use. One “size” (i.e. Level or Package) does not fit all security threats. Call us  to help you determine the best armouring level and package.

How is Armormax different than steel?

Armormax® is the ultimate in light weight ballistic armouring material. Armormax® is the lightest opaque armour in the industry; it reduces the added weight on a vehicle by up to 60%, making it the lightest weight armouring system in the industry. Installation of Armormax® also helps your vehicle maintain its original appearance and performance. Armormax® is composed of a combination of synthetic fibers. The Armomax® fibre technology is ten times stronger than ballistic steel, pound for pound.

What parts of a vehicle get armoured?

The purpose of armouring a car is to protect the passengers. Towards that end, armour engineers focus on the occupants first by creating a cocoon of protection by enveloping the passenger cabin.  The entire passenger compartment; the glass, floors, pillar posts, roofs, doors – thus providing a maximum coverage of protection for vehicle passengers. In addition other areas (battery, fuel tank, tires, ECM module, etc.) of the vehicle are, or can be protected.

How long will it take to armour my vehicle?

Our delivery times currently average at around 15 working days for a B4 build and 45 working days for a B6 build once we commence work on the vehicle. We keep armour components for most of the popular luxury vehicles in stock. Should we need to order components for a vehicle we do not normally armour, you should allow for an eight week lead time before commencement of armouring.

Can we also supply the base vehicle to be armoured?

Yes, we can supply all makes and models of the vehicles to be armoured. Generally, due to the high volume of vehicles be purchased by the armouring company, they are able to get the client much better pricing than available to the general public.

How far will run flat tyres carry me if they are shot out or damaged ?

Run-flat tyres will carry you, safely, for 60 miles at 60 miles per hour depending on road conditions. This is generally much more adequate than is required to escape or leave a dangerous situation to a “safe zone”.

Can any vehicle be armoured?

Yes. Some vehicles, however, are more conducive to be armoured than others. Again, please call us to discuss your specific needs in confidence.

What do the levels of protection indicate?

The armouring company adheres to the European armouring standards (referred from Standards EN 1063).

Who and why were armouring standards developed?

Numerous international organizations have developed armouring standards – – defeat levels and testing procedures. In the USA for instance, the standards were developed by the National Institute of Justice (NIJ), a procurement arm of the US government.
In Europe the European Union developed their standard, called CEN, which is the B-Level standard. Other countries too have developed their own standards. IAC generally adheres to the European Union’s standard because it is more specific to the requirements of armoured passenger vehicles.

Where can I purchase an armoured vehicle?

You can contact us directly by calling us at 07401 324104 or sending us an e-mail to :info@armouredcarservices.co.uk

Armoured vehicles to any ballistic level you need

Armoured Car Services

Intelligents UK incorporating Armoured Car Services are proud to be in association with a world-recognised armouring company who have been established since 1993 and who have a presence in over 50 countries worldwide producing over 8000 + armoured vehicles to date for clients, who include Government Officials, Business Leaders, International Corporations, Religious Leaders and High Net Worth Clients to name a few..

We are also now hiring out these protective vehicles in the UK and also into Europe, providing a select range of Armoured vehicles from Land Rover , Jaguar, BMW and also AUDI to name a few. Please see our individual page for all hiring enquiries. With people not wanting to buy a brand new armoured vehicle, we now have the capability of offering for sale armoured vehicles which are no longer needed by their owners as most of them have upgraded. See our For Sale section for pre owned Armoured vehicles.

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